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The SASO/2020 Campaign

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to protect the rights acknowledged in the Second Amendment using the initiative process and a county's Home Rule authority to reject the commandeering of county resources by state and federal agencies.

The SASO defends the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It promotes the idea of 'Shall not be infringed' by eliminating the local enforcement of many of the state and federal firearms regulations that restrict the ability of individuals to protect themselves, their families, and others.


Our goal is to turn every county in Oregon into a Sanctuary for law-abiding gun owners using the initiative process.


One County At A Time


The Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance, or SASO, is a county measure that, if enacted, would give a directive to the county government NOT to use any county resources or employees to enforce state or federal regulations concerning firearms and firearm accessories. Any county agency or employee found guilty of violating the law would face a Class A violation, plus a $2000 fine for the employee, $4000 for the offending agency.