Douglas County SAPO Will be on the November 6 Ballot!

Stay tuned for a Douglas County SASO coming next!

Caption: Preserves Right to Bear Arms, Related Federal, State Constitutional Rights

Question: Shall Douglas County voters adopt an ordinance preserving right to bear arms, related rights under United States and Oregon Constitutions?

Summary: A "yes" vote adopts and makes part of the Douglas County Code an ordinance preserving the right to bear arms and related rights under the United States and Oregon State Constitution. . lf approved the ordinance requires:
Any law or regulation in violation of the U.S. or Oregon Constitution pertaining to the right to bear arms to be deemed as unconstitutional and void.
Prohibits the use of Douglas County funds, facilities and employees to enforce any element of any law, rule, or order that infringes upon the right to keep and bear arms or related rights such as (not exclusive): possess lawfully owned firearms without registration requirements; freely possess, manufacture, transfer, sell and buy firearms, including semi-automatic "assault style" firearms, high capacity feed systems, firearm accessories and ammunition.
Requires the Sheriff to determine whether any law or regulation pertaining to the right to bear arms or related rights violates the U.S. or Oregon Constitution.
Allows Douglas County to bring civil actions to enforce this ordinance. Provides financial penalties for violations of the ordinance. Other provisions.

Read the full text here for the upcoming SASO

Read the Notice of Election here for the November 6 SAPO